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Bariatric Rehabilitation Program

Our Bariatric Rehabilitation Program offers personalized support for individuals after bariatric surgery or dealing with severe obesity. Our multidisciplinary team provides tailored plans covering nutrition, exercise, mental health, and lifestyle adjustments. With specialized guidance, personalized care, and ongoing support, we aim to enhance recovery, promote healthier habits, and ensure long-term success in weight management.

Our Program

Our program offers a holistic approach focused on aiding patients in their post-operative journey towards better health, improved mobility, and long-term weight management.


  •  Enhanced post-bariatric surgery recovery

  •  Improved physical mobility and strength

  •  Comprehensive education on nutrition and lifestyle changes

  • Emotional and psychological support for long-term success

  •  Customized guidance for sustainable weight management

Key Features:

1. Personalized Care: Our program begins with a thorough Bio-Psycho-Social Evaluation of each patient's medical history, current health status, and individual needs that is requested by your medical provider.*

2. Multidisciplinary Approach: Our team comprises experienced mental health therapists, personal trainer & nutritionist. They collaborate closely to provide comprehensive support covering various aspects of recovery, including nutrition, exercise, mental health, and lifestyle adjustments.

3. Nutrition Guidance: Our certified nutrition coach offer specialized nutritional counseling, educating patients about healthy eating habits, portion control, and the specific dietary needs after bariatric surgery. They assist in creating meal plans to support weight loss and ensure adequate nutrient intake.

4.  Exercise Programs: Tailored exercise regimens and physical therapy sessions are designed to enhance mobility, build strength, and improve overall fitness levels.

5. Behavioral and Emotional Support: Coping with lifestyle changes and managing emotional well-being post-surgery are crucial. Our psychologists and counselors provide behavioral therapy and emotional support to help patients adapt to their new lifestyle, addressing challenges and promoting mental wellness.

6. Ongoing Monitoring and Support: We believe in continuous support for our patients. Regular check-ins, follow-up appointments, and access to support groups or online resources are provided to ensure ongoing guidance and motivation.

Our Bariatric Rehabilitation Program aims to empower individuals to achieve their health goals, promoting a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life beyond the surgical intervention. Get in touch with us today to embark on a transformative journey towards improved health and well-being.

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