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Healing Hearts Program

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300 Letters & Holistic Minds Collective have partnered together to push our missions forward We envision a life of healing, growth & connection.


Together we will generate pathways & opportunities for individuals & families to reach their highest potential.

The 300 Letters “Healing Hearts” Program is FREE for eligible families that have been divided by an incarceration experience.  This program provides individual & family therapy for 12-16 weeks alongside child-care assistance so that families can focus on healing and strengthening the family foundation.


During this program you will have access to life-coaching, resume building and purpose exploration. “Healing Hearts” is focused on rebuilding your family bonds, improving your perspective and allowing you to heal from within to become your best possible self. 


This program was created by F.E.L.O.N.S for F.E.L.O.N.S to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and incarceration.

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